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The scenic Lakeville, Connecticut surroundings make for a luxurious backdrop during a road racing event at Lime Rock Park. The excitement for the start of the race was palpable. For Scott Tucker and the Level 5 Motorsports driving team, the strategy of the day was to run fast, pit for tires and fuel on the yellow, and avoid contact. As with most racing events, Scott Tucker and Level 5 Motorsports brought two cars to the track. The Number 551 and Number 552 HPD ARX-03b cars we're prepped, tuned, warmed, and ready to race at the start. Ryan Briscoe, who had a Northeast Grand Prix win already under his belt from his time with Penske Racing, was slated to drive his stints in the Number 552 car with co-driver Marino Franchitti. Scott Tucker, who often drives double-duty in both cars, drove his first stint in the Number 551 car.

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As the race got underway, Scott Tucker took P2 class lead in the Number 551 car, with Franchitti in Number 552 right behind him. Franchitti quickly took lead. At the planned driver swap, Scott Tucker made the switch to the Number 552 car, replacing Franchitti. Ryan Briscoe took over for Scott Tucker in the Number 551 car, and the race was underway again.

Lime Rock Park is a short, congested track that puts driving skills to the test. Drivers who have the lead in the race don't often hold on to that lead for very long. As the race wore on, Ryan Briscoe in the Number 551 car soon found himself battling for P2 lead with another car. Scott Tucker in the Number 552 car was one car behind.

In the end, a moment of contact sent the lead car off the track, making way for Ryan Briscoe in the Number 551 car to take first in class. Marino Franchitti in the Number 552 earned third for Level 5 Motorsports. Scott Tucker and Level 5 Motorsports had done it again. Both cars saw the checkered flag and both sets of drivers we're able to stand together atop the winner's podium.

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