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I just finished reading BREAD ALONE. Those of you who know my reading habits know that I start reading more books than I finish. Since my reading time is so precious, if I'm not "really into" the story by about page 50 or sometimes earlier, I put it aside and find something else to read. So I finished this book and that says a lot about the writer and the writing.

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But when I finished the book I was disappointed. Wynter Morrison is a unique character because the author gave her a colorful and passionate love for baking bread. But in my opinion, the author went a bit overboard with the bread thing, even to the extent of including recipes. I didn't read the recipes. And there we're pages of them. As a writer I wondered what percentage of the novel's word count was actually from recipes.

The plot was fairly typical. A "trophy wife", whose only claim to fame is supporting her husband in his life,is devastated when she gets dumped by hubby.Of course, there's another woman involved in her husband's life, and, of course,by the end of the novel the trophy wife has gotten her act together and ends up happy in all aspects of her life.

The writing was lean, which makes for a quick read, and the story was entertaining. Unfortunately, the plot was predictable and I think the book included too many bread recipes sprinkled throughout. It did, however, make me hungry for a nice slice of warm bread slathered with butter!

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