How We Named Our Second Daughter

The responsibility of naming a child is immense. I'm quite a pensive person, so most decisions that I make have much thought put in to them. My wife Amanda also holds this duty with the utmost respect, as I am sure that every parent does.

With that being said, the process of naming our children can be rather overwhelming for us. A few months ago we purchased two books which we used previously to name our first daughter, Amelia Elise Freeman. We read through every name in the book separately and made a list of names that we liked. Then we looked at the name origin, meaning, and popularity. This particular book (The Name Book), allows us to know the spiritual meaning and connotation as well.

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Once we made our individual lists, we came together and combined all the information into one document, which was around 50-60 names for us at that time. We then highlighted any names that appeared on both of our lists. At this point, we stopped and began to pray about the calling over our daughter's life.

I have spoken of this part of my childhood many times because it had a great impact on me. To this day I still have a little banner that hung on my door as a child. It had inscribed upon it a rainbow, my name (Eric) and the phrase "Godly Power." As a child I didn't know what that meant, but it affected me greatly. My whole life, people have spoken over me that I would be a leader. The name Eric means, "powerful unifier." That name was the calling on my life. Over time I came to realize that the purpose of my life was to submit myself to the Lord, so He could empower me with His Spirit to lead people to worship Him. The meaning of Amanda's name has also had a profound impact on her. Her name means, "worthy to be loved." She always valued the fact that we are considered worthy to be loved. From an early age she believed that God loved her greatly, which has given her great comfort when encountering stressful times.

There is great meaning in a name. All throughout the Bible you see God and Jesus changing peoples' names to help them understand their new true identity. Saul became Paul, Simon was renamed Peter and the same is true for Abram and Sarai. Abraham means, "the father of many nations." The name Jesus and Joshua means, "God rescues." There is great power in a name, it has the ability to shape the life of an individual. I am not saying that an individual with a name that does not have a spiritual meaning is not able to do great things for God. God works in every individual's life that is willing to receive Him as Lord, Scripture is full of such examples. I am simply saying that because Amanda and I had the responsibility of selecting a name, we wanted the name to have a strong spiritual connotation.

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