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Two months since my last post! I am ashamed. Instead of telling you about the last two months, I thought I'd show you

I finished my first OU course. I loved it so much I've signed up for the Advanced Writing course A363 which starts in October. I'm awaiting my module result now

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We had Lola spayed. She reacted badly to the anesthetic, with the result that she slept in my room for a week (she's not usually allowed upstairs), and I may or may not have slept on the floor with her to stop her crying (I did).

I went on my first ever dog walk with my own dog! It was amazing to see Lola gambling about.

I followed Commander Chris Hadfield's descent back to Earth, getting my geek on

I went to Center Parcs (and hugged a massive tree) with some friends and had A LOT of fun. After four nights in hospital I decided to stay four nights somewhere completely relaxing to balance it out. It worked a treat.

I had my hair cut again (this is my sister helping me style my hair. She didn't actually cut it, but we had a blast playing with it afterwards)

We celebrated Lola's first birthday! I can't believe how quickly she's grown up. For a small, non-shedding, easily trainable dog she's remarkably large, leaves hair trails wherever she goes and is selectively hard of hearing most of the time, but we love her and I wouldn't be without her.

I visited Kane's house for the first time in months. It was really lovely seeing his family again. This is his Bengal tiger cat one of the most beautiful cats I've seen (sitting in between two cushions made by myself!)

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