Sales My Philosophy Part 2

Now we know that our sales skills are already 'inbuilt', we need to know how to bring them out and use them. This is the tricky part as many of us have unknowingly had these natural skills shut down and they have to be uncovered and re-learned, or as I like to say, 'remembered'.

When I am helping people to learn how to sell, the first thing that I do is to literally beg them to be natural and to work with their own, unique personality and not to follow some high powered 'guru', who is hyping themselves beyond belief. To put it into perspective, one of my passions is Martial Arts and I have studied the arts for nearly thirty years and I always cringe when I see advertisements for the latest 'system' that is guaranteed to wipe out your attacker in seconds also, I have personally witnessed many high ranking Dan grades being beaten with ease by some unsuspecting and weedy looking guys in a bar.

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What has this got to do with selling, you may ask?

Quite a lot actually the sales person and the Martial Artist are one and the same in one quality when many a Martial Artist puts on his fancy looking suit, he becomes another person, just as the aspiring sales people who come out of the latest 'how to sell' courses and put on their business suits. They are no longer themselves, but a clone of the 'guru' who has just probably taken their money and told them that they must operate according to their rules and follow the 'way'.

Good Martial Artists work on training their instinct and not specific techniques to overcome specific situations, you can never rely on specific 'moves' to overcome specific attacks as in the brutality of combat, it never works that way. Selling is the same and it pains me to hear how many sales people learn in parrot fashion, words and phrases that are guaranteed to 'close' the sale it won't happen and if it does, it will lead to a sense of false confidence that will one day, lead to trouble.

A Martial Artist or anyone wanting to learn how to defend themselves must first learn to never emotionally engage their attacker. They must learn to use their knowledge instinctively as 'engaging' their adversary, will only result in 'firing' them up and I personally would not want to supercharge some knife wielding maniac who is intent on slicing me into pastrami! When you engage an attacker and this can simply be done by adopting some 'fighting stance', you arouse all of the fighting and aggressive emotions in their body and you now have made your job harder. In the selling arena, the same is achieved by adopting a sales 'fighting stance' and asking all of the traditional 'open ended' question and looking for 'buying' signals. You will simply emotionally arouse your prospect and shut them down.

So my philosophy is firstly to ensure that the individual acts naturally according to their own unique personality and secondly, to develop their instinct, so they can naturally and effortlessly overcome any obstacles in the selling process. I will go back to the Martial Arts to give an example when I am teaching someone to defend themselves, I will first tell them about the brutality of combat and that one mistake can literally cost them their lives, I will tell them to never, ever forget this and that many hours have to be devoted to practice. I will also then tell them how to practice and this is more important than anything if you train yourself in the wrong way, you will react accordingly! In Martial Arts, you have to understand how the body works and when you do, you will find that there are many natural responses to any attacking situation- you simply have to learn how to uncover them and practice them slowly, as in this way, they will be committed to memory. You can then work up the speed of the attacking situation and increase the 'reality'. In selling, you must understand how the mind works and more importantly,the psychology of the buyer then you must work on practicing natural responses to questions that you know will come up in the entire sales process.

Think about this there are only so many permutations of how someone can attack you with a knife and if you took the time and trouble to slowly uncover as many of them as you could and then using the natural movement of the body, you would build a repertoire of techniques that would maybe someday save your life and of course, you have to work them up to 'reality' speed over time. In the sales process, there are only so many questions that can be asked to decide whether to buy or not and if we work hard enough, we can uncover them and learn how to answer them in a natural way and practice them in 'reality' situations.

My goal in teaching someone Martial Arts is to teach 'independence' and by that I mean to teach the person how to teach themselves, just as I teach someone how to sell too many people are dependent on their teachers in all aspects of life and in reality we already 'know' the answers, we just have to understand how to uncover the vast and natural resources of the body and mind.

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