Warranty Guidelines

Thanks for choosing Western Granite & Stone LTD and congratulations on your elegant stone countertop. Every project is the result of our hard work and dedication. From carefully examining and selecting top quality granite and quartz slabs, to meticulously manufacturing and color matching, we consistently achieve the same high standards and durability with every project we take on. Western Granite & Stone LTD is proud to be your fabricator and installer therefore we present to you our unprecedented 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Western Granite & Stone LTD warrants any defects in the Fabrication & Installation. This warranty applies only to granite, marble and or engineered stone installed in its original location by Western Granite & Stone LTD for a period of 10 years from its original purchase. This warranty is transferable to future owners of your home. If there are defects in the fabrication or installation, our team of experts will decide either to repair and or replace the defect item with the same grade or quality of material as the original using an acceptable color match, accepting that there are natural variations in veining and color with natural stone.

Sealers are required for all natural stones. Natural stones are some what porous, and can stain. Prior to Installation, your granite is sealed with an FDA compliant solvent based Impregnator Sealer to protect the surface and deter stains. The customer is responsible for stone maintenance after Installation. Please refer to our Stone Care & Maintenance Guide.

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Surface staining or etching by leaving acidic, oil based or chemicals in contact with the material for excessive periods of time
  • Surface chipping and scratching caused by negligence and abuse
  • Any structural shift or breakage due to excessive weight placed on the surface and or standing on the countertop
  • General wear & tear
  • Damage by fire or any natural disaster
  • Failure by the customer to exercise reasonable care in using the product

Color variations, veining, pitting, fissures and micro cracks are natural characteristics of stone. None of these variations are to be considered deficiencies. This warranty does not cover the cost of repairs or replacements undertaken prior to the customer’s receipt of a claim acknowledgement and verification from Western Granite & Stone LTD.

To make a claim, please contact us by phone, email or fax and permit an inspection if needed.

Office: (403)769-9064/(403)769-9063


Fax: (403)769-9065

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