In the quiet summer months

In the quiet summer months, it seems that there is little fanfare about Sir Isaac Brock coming home, for all of Brock's promotion of the groundbreaking construction, followed by the delivery date, the halls remain empty and the North Mall remains sparse.

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There may be a desire for students to shrug off this construction, in the wake of looming budget deficits and proposed belt tightening one can see why a 1.5 million dollar project doesn't get the reception it used to. Yet with that said there is actually good reason for promotion of the statue, and why students, all students at Brock should treat this as a big deal.

For all of our promotion of our namesake, there isn't a lot on campus to tie Brock to Brock. Sure, are buildings named after other historical figures of the period (Decew Residence, Tecumseh Centre, etc) but other than the Guernsey Market (named appropriately after Isaac Brock's birthplace, the Isle of Guernsey) there isn't a lot to remind us of who Brock was, and why is there a University on the Niagara Escarpment named after him?

The General coming home represents more than just a big bronze statue coming to adorn the North mall, where students mill about waiting for their bus to arrive. It represents a definitive link to the past, in a place where history is meant to come alive. While I am sure Douglas Kneale, Dean of Humanities could put the statement more eloquently then that, the fact remains the Brock has long had a statue of Confucius on campus, but no Statue of Brock himself.

More than this, the statue also embodies the "Both Sides of the Brain" Campaign that Brock has become so well know for. Maj. General Sir Isaac Brock was not only a soldier and apt tactician, he was also a scholar and avid reader and the statue has been designed to embody this duality. As Brock University is not a military college there is more purpose in promoting the both sides of the brain aspect, rather than just the well know, well loved figure on a horse.

Whatever your position on the statue's timely arrival, to coincide with the 50th Anniversary and Homecoming celebrations, there is little doubt that it represents a major milestone in the history of the university as it aims to define itself against such Canadian Legacy Schools like Queens University, The University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto. The unveiling of Sir Isaac Brock's statue will not only act as an inseparable link to a past that defined the fate of Niagara and Canada for 200 years, but also as benchmark to where the University intends to go in it's next fifty years.

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